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This preset pack includes 21 of my favorite presets, and I called it ESSENTIALS, because these are the presets that I use most of the time.


These 23 lightroom presets are different from the rest of the preset packs.


You can find: 12 B&W preset, 3 presets for beauty shoots with natural and studio lights, 3 presets for indoor shoot, and 13 exterior presets for all kind of enviroments like city and nature, sunny and dark days.


The pack includes 23 presets, compatible with Lightroom desktop versions from 2018 to the newest and lightroom mobile.

  • You will recieve:

    A zip folder where you will find:

    • XMP files for Lightroom Classic on desktop. An Adobe subscription IS required to use these presets.
    • DNG  images file type for the Lightroom app on mobile. An Adobe subscription is NOT required to use these presets.
    • A PDF with instructions about how to download and install the presets on your desktop and mobile.


  • Technical specifications:

    I use different versions of my preset depending on what type of light was present while shooting. Please note that most likely these presets are not “one-click” and you’re done - photos won’t be ready-to-go as soon as they are applied, changes must be made depending on your photo. Exposure, temperature changes, and some color changes will need to be adjusted for each photo once applied, depending on your camera’s settings while shooting, as well as your personal taste.

    These presets are specifically designed with raw and tiff image files in mind. When using on JPG files, you will have to make more adjustments.


    SUPPORT: If you need technical help, email me at with any questions. 


    Use hashtag #angelagarciapresets on instagram so I can see your posts!


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