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Daylight Mastery Preset Pack

Daylight Mastery Preset Pack

This suite of six Lightroom presets has been designed to enhance your images across different times of the day and various lighting conditions. From the first light of dawn to the vivid contrasts of harsh daylight, and the darkness of the evening, these presets ensure your photos look professional and polished in every setting.

Included in the Daylight Mastery Presets Pack:

  • 1. 6AM Club:
    Description: Capture the tranquility and soft tones of early morning. 

      Key Features: Enhances soft light, lifts shadows gently, and introduces a subtle warm            tint for a fresh morning look.

  • 2 Harsh Light:
    Description: Designed for those difficult times when the sun is at its peak, this preset balances the light and retains details often lost in strong sunlight.
    Key Features: Reduces highlights, evens out exposure, and sharpens details to cope with the intensity of noon lighting.

  • 3.Golden Hour:
    Description: Make the most of the magical golden hour where everything looks its best. This preset amplifies the warm tones and glowing effect of the late afternoon sun.
    Key Features: Enhances golden hues, adds a soft glow, and increases saturation slightly to make your golden hour shots pop.

  • 4.Blue Hour:
    Description: Designed for the serene moments after sunset or just before sunset, this preset enhances the cool, ethereal light of blue hour.
    Key Features: Increases luminance in low lights, and balances contrast for stunning early evening and morning shots.

  • 5.Indoor with Natural Light:
    Description: Perfect for capturing beautiful indoor settings illuminated by natural window light. This preset adjusts the balance between light and shadow, enhancing the cozy atmosphere of interior shots.
    Key Features: Brightens interiors, softens harsh shadows, adds warmth, and enhances details without overexposure.

  • 6.B&W Essential:
    Description: A versatile black and white preset that works across various lighting conditions, providing a classic, timeless look.
    Key Features: Converts colors to dynamic grayscales, enhances contrast for dramatic effect, and maintains depth and texture.

Whether you're shooting early morning landscapes, harshly lit urban scenes, cozy interiors, or seeking the timeless appeal of black and white photography, the Daylight Mastery Presets have you covered. Each preset is a one-click solution to achieving breathtaking photos that stand out in any portfolio.


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