What will you find in this course?

Adobe Lightroom is the software used by top professional photographers to organize, edit, and share photos. In this course you will learn to use all the options that Adobe Lightroom offers you to improve your workflow in an organized way and master the editing techniques that this great software offers you.

This Adobe Lightroom course is ideal for those who want to learn how to enhance their photos through editing and have a better workflow when organizing and filtering their photos.

At the beginning you will get to know my influences, my experience and style, to continue I will show you the advantages of handling Adobe Lightroom and everything you can do with this program, then we will take a tour of the interface knowing the technical aspects necessary for the proper handling of the program, We will continue with the development topic and we will delve into the editing techniques and concepts to finally carry out the correct export of our files. As a final project we will develop a photographic portfolio with 10 photographs and for that we will see different editing techniques.

This course is intended for photographers, hobbyists, and students of photography and related careers who want to hone their photo editing skills. There is no need to have any previous knowledge of Lightroom, but it is recommended to have basic concepts of photography and photo editing. As the minimum necessary tools for a computer and Adobe Lightroom software.


I am Angela Garcia, fashion photographer and stylist, I love teaching everything I know and being able to inspire others with my work and today I will be your teacher.



In this Adobe Lightroom course, you'll discover:

- Why Lightroom
- Filtration and classification
- Metadata
- Edit in Photoshop from Lightroom
- Revealed
- Edition
- Export and completion
- Impression



The objective of this Adobe Lightroom course: Editing and organizing photos, is that at the end of it you can create your own digital photographic portfolio through the editing process taught in the course showing a before and after of the photographs.



In this Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editing and Organizing course, you'll gain all the tools you need to improve your skills and understanding of photo editing concepts.


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