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My decision to photograph myself not only helped me to master and improve my photography skills but also to boost my self-confidence and get a better understading of a models position.

Not everyone knows this, but I took a serious approach to my self-portraiture photography journey during the Covid 19 pandemic.

I was inspired by many artists but a few that stand out were:

Vivian Maier

and Claude cahun

I loved the conceptual storytelling and how these women we able to create being their own muse.

I invite you to do a little reaseach about them aswell and comment what you think abou their art, Now LETS GET TO BUSSINESS:

Tip 1. Use a Tripod

In my personal experience to use a lightweight tripod will provide maximum versatility and it will make the photos not obvious self portraits as when you shoot in front of a mirror.

View more good budget tripods for taking beautiful self portraits.

Tip 2. Use GorillaPod for Creative Angles

Having such a cool device as a GorillaPod, you won’t face any problems while taking self portraits. You will be able to attach the camera around a tree branch, a climbing frame, etc. It’s especially helpful for the outdoor portrait photography.


Find a stool or table to place your camera on, and run into the shot. It's fun to jump or pull a face, and it’s another opportunity to be creative instead of just standing and posing. It’s real life in action. Below, I bravely pulled out my phone and used a self-timer app to snag this pic at the end of my step workout class.

New cameras also gives you the possiblity to connect trough your phone, and manage the focus directly. this is my favourite tool.

In the Following video i show you how i use both methods while doing self-portraits at the airport.

Tip 4. Use Mirrors and reflections in Creative Ways.

Tip 24. Take Photos with Your Pet

All pets are very lovely and photogenic, and in my personal experience the pictures i have with my dog bust my confidence and automatically makes me feel more comfortable and happy so don’t hesitate and include them into the frame while practicing self portraits photography. It can be either your own pet or your friend’s one. Don’t get upset if the animal doesn’t want to sit still. Just laugh, have fun, shoot and choose the best pic.

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